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Introducing the New Helios GX®

Our Helios GX® (Glass Excel) hybrid orthotic system combines carbon fiber with advanced glass technology.

The benefits of glass technology:
• More durable than carbon fiber alone.
• Can tolerate higher impact levels than carbon fiber struts.
• Produces more energy return than carbon fiber alone.
• Biomechanically engineered to produce a smoother and more comfortable gait.
• Stiffness can be controlled by our orthotists, even after the device is completed.
• Better suited for running or any other athletic activity.
• Available with single or double strut design technology.
• Not overly stiff and bulky compared to other custom carbon fiber leg braces.
• Real carbon fiber finish, not painted. Painted finishes can chip and leave residue in shoes.
This can possibly cause irritation to the skin. Our finishes are all natural carbon fiber.


Ortho Rehab Designs is the first orthotic company to offer this ground breaking innovative glass hybrid technology in an energy storing orthosis.

Other energy producing carbon fiber orthoses can be too stiff and rigid. This can produce an exaggerated heel to toe gait, causing the patient to overuse their quadriceps long term and cause fatigue to the musculature.

The Helios GX® produces a smoother and more natural gait, and allows the patient to use more of their existing musculature to work with the Helios GX®-creating more sound biomechanics. This is all accomplished within a patented system using triplanar controls, coupling balance control with energy return to the wearer. We are constantly innovating to create new technologies for our patient’s needs.

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