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Helios Bracing

We are constantly innovating to create new technologies for our patient’s needs.

The Helios® orthosis is a custom energy storing carbon fiber leg brace. The double-helical construction is designed to correct skeletal structural deformities and provide an increase in walking function.

The Helios GX

Ortho Rehab Designs is the first orthotic company to offer this ground breaking innovative glass hybrid technology in an energy storing orthosis.


This unique energy loading design offers the potential of normal walking. The energy return results in the user feeling less fatigue.

Easy to put on and remove, this singular design is a dynamic improvement over existing bracing systems. Among the possible applications are the bracing for physical limitations resulting from Peroneal Neuropathy, CMT, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Polio, and many other neurological diseases.

World Champion Performance

Álvaro Valera wins Gold Medal in Paralympics wearing Helios Braces

Custom Features include

  • Multiple correction forces
    The Helios® orthosis frequently includes multiple correction forces to both prevent further deformity and correct existing deformity.
  • Unique closed system
    This unique closed system also allows the foot to adapt from side to side for walking on uneven surfaces such as grass.
  • Patented technology
    Design featuring mechanics that both help restore balance and store energy.
  • Structural system
    The two long opposing helices bend when walking to tense the closed tension structural system of the Helios® brace.
  • A release of energy
    A release of energy that both lifts the leg for ground clearance while swinging, and makes the leg swing faster during walking.
  • Increased function
    Design featuring mechanics that both help restore balance and store energy.

Dynamic Release Bracing

At Ortho Rehab Designs we specialize in energy loading, or what is also known as Dynamic Release bracing. Our bracing designs for CMT are all mostly based on dynamic release. We are the original inventors of the Double Helix AFO. In addition, we have just recently introduced our newest invention, the Helios® Excel Orthosis. Helios® stands for Helical Energy Loading Integrated Orthotic System.

Our solutions are based on the needs of our patients