Here you can read the words of our amazing patients who share their stories of struggles, strength and ultimate victory along their individual journeys.

Hi guys! I have been meaning to contact you and let you know how Ezra is doing. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to come home with our new braces. Seeing Ezra back on his feet has been such a huge relief for my husband and me, as well as for Ezra. This has been such a long stretch of not walking and the physical and mental weight of that was getting pretty heavy. We are so grateful for your artistry, Mitch. You are our own personal miracle worker! I so appreciate your methods as well as your ongoing quest for new information and techniques to add to your "toolbox". Ezra is doing fantastic.
We are taking it slow, as 7 months off his feet took a toll. Yesterday, Ezra walked down to our creek for the first time in what seems like forever. It is quite a feat for him, as it is challenging at the best of times due to it being steep. It was definitely a "Yahoo!" moment for me seeing him come down. I am including a few pictures of him in his element (our backyard). We are so pleased with our braces. Remember Mitch, you are not allowed to retire for many, many years, what would we do without you? Thank you so much for your methods, ideas, time, visions of ambulation, and pure artistic skills. We will stay in touch! Thank you for everything. As always, the whole experience was incredible. Until next time! Sincerely, Lesley
Lesley C.G.
Ezra G., Age: 16, Spina Bifida
I was born in 1977. As a child, as I learned to walk, I found myself tripping/falling quite a lot, and my parents took advice from a consultant who stretched/lengthened the achilles tendons in both of my ankles. This, however, did not really stop me from falling. After further consultation and tests I was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth. In turn, I began using standard AFOs from about the age of 5. I have used AFOs, and more recently the Blue Rocker AFOs since that time, yet my balance has never improved and I remained unsteady on my feet. I found Ortho Rehab Designs in Las Vegas by searching on the internet, and in August 2010 I traveled to Las Vegas from my home in Ireland to be fitted with the Helios braces. I stayed in Las Vegas for two weeks, since the distance from Ireland made it prohibitive to travel back and forth. My experience with Ortho Rehab Designs and particularly Mitch was excellent.
I needed my new braces adjusted, and Mitch and his team carried out these adjustments immediately. I must say, I quickly became accustomed to walking with the Helios. Through using the Helios braces I have much better balance. I do not dread having to stand in the centre of a room (previously I would always have positioned myself near a wall or bench to ensure I could support myself), and can even stand while holding a glass at a party, something I would never have done for fear of falling or spilling the contents. Since having my Helios braces I have married Mary, the mother of my beautiful daughter Valentina. I had always put off the wedding for fear of walking down the aisle. I had a fantastic day at our wedding and did not have any trips or falls, and even danced the first dance. I have no hesitation in recommending Mitch and everyone at Ortho Rehab Designs, as they have improved my balance, my mobility and the quality of my life immeasurably.
Anthony B.
Age: 49, CMT Helios® orthosis - South Carolina
I am still loving my new braces! It is still shocking how fast I can walk. I feel like I am getting better with the stairs and can now alternate feet when I go up and down. I continue to walk in the neighborhood every night, and I am walking about 1.8 miles. I am shopping without shopping carts and enjoying it very much! I went to a cookout on Sunday and wore the braces with black soccer socks and shorts and one woman thought I had some sort of new type of fashionable shoes. I really like the fact that the braces are so open in the front. Had a big walking week, even had to waitress at Pizza Inn for a fundraiser one night. I wore the braces one day for 17 straight hours with no pain. This has been the best week yet with the braces and I am beginning to walk and not even think about the fact that they are on my feet at all. Perfection! Thanks for all of your genius work. Nice Job! Thanks again!
Dana R.
Age: 49, CMT Helios® orthosis - South Carolina
Dear Mitch, On the Sunday after my appointment with you and receiving the braces, I went to an 85th birthday party for the mother of one of our friends. It was a small gathering of close friends and everyone was amazed at the difference in my standing and walking. Monday I took a walk to our local drugstore, not far (about a block), but not something I have wanted to do for a long time. Tuesday I showed off my new abilities to close friends at the university, I actually found myself saying that I WANTED to stand for a while. Wednesday night I taught a class and was able to stand for the entire 1.5 hours and move around as I interacted with students, I cannot even remember the last time I was able to do that. Thursday I had a massage and chiropractor appointment. I think the braces are helping reduce my neck and lower back pain. Friday I went to show the braces to my physical therapist - she was very impressed. I have no desire to wear my old braces. Thank you so much. You have made many people happy; me, Stuart, my mother (who is really enjoying my progress), and all of my friends. I will also show the rest of my family in the next couple of months. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mitch, for your creativity, problem solving, careful listening, and extraordinary care.
Judy L.
Age: 65, CMT Helios® orthosis - West Hartford, CT
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my Helios braces. About five years ago I noticed that I was not walking with my normal gait and that I was tripping over the least little bump. My balance was also becoming very poor. This condition worsened until I had to use a cane or walking stick to walk, and I could not stand still without holding onto something. I finally made an appointment with a neurologist and he diagnosed my condition as Charcot-Marie-Tooth. I then researched the disease and found that I had all the classic symptoms and that the disease would gradually worsen, and that there was little that could be done for it. One day I happened upon the website for Ortho Rehab Designs and watched some of the videos of people walking with and without the Helios braces. I was so impressed that I wanted to find everything that I could about these braces.
Michelle was most helpful to answer my questions and send to me the necessary information. I was excited to make an appointment as soon as it could be arranged. I was amazed to find that Mitch devoted an entire week to me. He could not have been more encouraging and helpful. As soon as I put the braces on, I found that I could walk much better. I learned to walk with my legs straighter. I can now walk better than I could five years ago, and I can stand in one spot as long as I want. I live on a farm and my chores were getting difficult because of the lack of balance and having to use a walking stick. Now with my braces I do not have to hold on to something, and I can use both hands to do my work. I no longer use a cane or walking stick and no one can tell that I am wearing braces. I am 100% satisfied with my new braces and I would not sell them for any amount of money. They are truly life changing. Thank you Mitch.
Robert F.
Age: 71, CMT Helios® orthosis - Manns Choice, PA
Hi Mitchell! This is fantastic. Every new day I am walking better, faster, and with less effort. I can walk longer distances without getting tired. At work they no longer have to wait for me-I can keep up with them. Walking uphill and downhill also is becoming better. My balance has improved dramatically, I can stand still as long as I want, I can walk backwards and stand on one leg. Thank you Mitchell, I am feeling fine. Yours sincerely.
Rolf D.
Age: 43 Helios® orthosis - Porto Alegre, Brazil
Mitch made my orthotics in 2008 and I brought them to Brazil. When I first arrived in Brazil I began to use my Helios, and those 6 months of use have felt great. My Helios are very comfortable now. I go down and up stairs without any problems. I feel no points of contact with my skin, it provides a stable balance. I can stand for hours, walk long distances for hours, and it keeps my whole heel-knee-hip in very good alignment. Besides the comfort, a pleasant feeling is to go back to walking like a normal person. With my Helios, I feel lighter, I feel safe, I feel free, I feel happy. Mitch, I'm sure that the Helios is a brace you created that can really change the life of CMT patients. Thank you.
Vera A.
Age: 61, CMT Helios® orthosis - Sundyberg, Sweden
On February 1, 2010, Mitch took videos of me walking with AFO braces and barefoot, then casted my legs. The next day I received "diagnostic braces," custom-made from the casting. Mitch asked me to stand. After talking for a while, Mitch told me I had been standing for ten minutes without holding onto anything. I hadn't done this in years. Mitch spent the next while making adjustments, checking for comfort, fit, etc. Mitch gave me the "finished" Helios on February 4, 2010. I put them on. My wife and Mitch watched as I did things I hadn't done in years; stood, walked in circles, bent over and touched my toes, did pirouettes, walked backwards, and danced all with near perfect balance and no support. This was very emotional for Mary and I. The sensation of weakness around the ankles was gone completely. Outside Mitch's office, I walked 50 yards and back with confidence and delight. The Helios were incredibly comfortable because the foot section was custom fitted to each foot. Every day since February 4, 2010 has been pure delight whether I'm standing, walking from the car to the Giant Store, or walking 2 to 3 miles. My legs feel "normal" and strong from the moment I put the Helios on every morning. Here is what I want people to know about the Helios:
1. The Helios have been life changing every day. They are not just a little bit better than the other braces I've had. They are exponentially better because they are custom made for my feet and legs and have completely changed my ability to walk, my enjoyment of walking and my self image as a "disabled" person. I can't believe I walk at least two miles several times a week and enjoy it. I can stand anywhere hands free without fear of losing my balance.
2. The Helios are energy-storing. I didn't understand the concept of "energy storing" until after I had the Helios for a while. The Helios flex behind the calf, not at the ankle. They store energy like a bow stores energy right before you release the bow cord holding the arrow. When I walk through a shopping mall, I feel like I am "gliding." I walk almost as fast as I did before CMT. I sense the "stored energy" of the Helios most when I'm simply standing in a store line or in the kitchen, moving a little, then stopping, or when I'm standing on a street corner or in an elevator; I feel like I have new muscles "flexing" in my lower legs as I make slight adjustments for balance. I marvel daily at this simple pleasure.
3. The results that I have achieved from the Helios are unquestionably worth the cost of the Helios and the expense of travel.
Thank you Mitch for the genius of the Helios' design; for treating Mary and I while we were in Las Vegas, as if we were your only, and most important, patients and for what is for me no less than a miracle in having mobility, balance and dignity that is to say, my life restored.
John W.
Age: 67 Diagnosis: CMT Purcellville, VA
Hello. My name is Traci. I am a 21 year old female who was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease when I was 15. My life was difficult throughout high school because I have bilateral foot drop and have always walked "funny". A couple of months ago, however, my life completely changed. I went to visit Dr. Glenn Pfeffer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to see if he could help me with my situation. He was absolutely wonderful. He was the first doctor that I have met who actually knew what CMT is! He recommended that I visit Mitchell Warner in Las Vegas to get the Helios braces. In November, I made the trip from Florida to Nevada to receive my braces. Now I walk completely normal with them on!!! I LOVE THEM!
They are the most wonderful things in the world and I never want to be without them again. Before getting them, I was falling at least three times a week. Now, I never fall. I can walk faster than some of my friends. My boyfriend calls me "fast-walker" now. It's so awesome. Everyone with CMT should know about the Helios braces. Dr. Pfeffer was wonderful in sending me to see Mitch to receive them. Mitch was incredibly nice and very thorough. He explained everything to me very well. Not only did he change the way I walk, but he changed my life completely. I am the happiest that I have been in five years.
Traci V.
Age: 21 Helios® orthosis - Stuart, Florida
Dear Mitch, I cannot but help thinking about every day as I put on my Helios braces, and giving up a prayer of profound gratitude. My only regret is that I didn't find out about ORD until I became so old and debilitated. Today I went to the supermarket. A young man was walking in front of me at a very brisk pace. Hah, I thought to myself, I bet I can out-pace you. So I put a spurt on, and sure enough, I overtook him. I felt such a thrill of excitement at this I can hardly describe it! And no one looks at my feet anymore I feel human for the first time and not like a freak. The other miracle is standing without collapsing in a heap. Another liberating aspect of the braces is the elimination of pain and fatigue when walking. Maybe the pain issue isn't relevant for many of your patient, but when wearing them, I don't have that continual pain in the left knee that I had before, due to the pronation of the ankle on that side. But the elimination of fatigue after walking is something that probably all of your patients experience, but as it is such a new phenomenon to me, I still find it somewhat hard to believe. I was amazed to fined that I am neither perspiring from exertion, nor even the slightest bit out of breath; something I have ever only dreamt of in the past. I have sent pictures to friends and family, and quite frankly, they are completely astonished. They all think you must be some sort of miracle worker (which you are as far as I'm concerned). I don't think I shall ever get over the sheer novelty of being able to stand independently. I feel different inside; I feel a dignity I have never before experienced.
Jennifer Sidery
Age: 57 Helios® orthosis - Enfield, UK
I have become very accustomed to the Helios leg braces, and they are working quite well. I have a good, quick, balanced gait, and am able to keep up with the New York City foot traffic easily. In fact, I was in a cab on the way to the train station and stuck in traffic two blocks away from Penn Station and chose to jump out of the cab and walk the remaining distance. I made my train, where before I would have missed it while I waited for the cab to get closer to the shortest distance. Also, now when I go out to get lunch, I am no longer just going to the places a block away, but am enjoying exploring the area and finding new places to eat. I think the biggest difference is it's fun to walk again. I no longer focus on how many steps it takes to get from point A to B, but just enjoy the trip. Many people have noticed the difference. Well almost everyone really. I have people on the street I don't know asking me about it because they had seen me walking before and see me now. Every time I get a "wow, you're walking really well, it's a huge difference!" I smile. So thank you for everything! I am very happy with the results!
Mike H.
Age: 38 Helios® orthosis - New Jersey
Dear Mitch, It's been eight months since you fitted me with the Helios braces. I'm sorry it has taken me this long to give my assessment of them. Part of the delay has been inertia, but the other part has been purposeful. I've wanted to wait long enough to allow a more complete and objective review. As you know, I am a physician, and in 24 years of practice, I think I have come to know a great deal about quality medicine. To this day, providing the highest quality care for my patients remains one of my primary goals. I preface things this way because it's quite apparent to me that you do the same. When I began the research that brought me to your office, I remember reading internet comments from some who were concerned with the cost of the braces, but after seeing the extraordinary attention to detail and care you provide in designing, manufacturing, and fitting the braces, the price seems small. I am sure that if maximizing income had been your goal, you could have achieved that more easily by opening several offices in assembly line fashion and selling off the shelf braces. Thank God you did not.
Thank God, too, that you had the unique combination of education, training, experience, and desire to invent the Helios brace. So how have the braces performed? Well, now I don't fear walking to talk to a patient's family after a procedure anymore. I don't fear being caught in the middle of an elevator without being able to hold on to a rail. I don't fear a friend coming up to me for a conversation in a place where there's nothing to hold on to. I don't begrudge leaving my house anymore. I've become more social and outgoing again, and have also become more involved in my children's school and extracurricular activities. I play golf again. I don't constantly worry that someday I may not be able to walk my daughter down the church isle on her wedding day without a cane. I no longer worry that strangers are staring at me as I walk down the street. I no longer obsess about why others can walk or stand unaided and I cannot. I now happily worry about life's other, menial concerns, and that's just fine with me. In short, the effect that the braces have had on my life is nothing short of miraculous. You have given me back a normal life; something I thought had been lost forever. As someone who's in the business of trying to achieve miracles at times,
I find it ironic that in all these years the one interaction I could almost truly classify as miraculous has been this one, one in which I'm the patient and recipient. Words will never adequately express my gratitude and thanks, but thank you, nevertheless. Sincerely, T.C.
T.C., M.D.
Age: 50 Helios® orthosis - Tampa, Florida
New Beginnings. The Helios braces made for me in Vegas by Mitch Warner (I have CMT), gave me a whopping blast of confidence, they gave me a saucy superior, star-size eagerness. I felt a raw clarity and confidence of thought, a more dynamic presence. I was standing in the small cottage kitchen at Leon Williams' New Years Day birthday party. Unlike last night, I could stand for hours; up-straight, tall. "Tall and growing" I said. I was spectacular; beautifully dressed, thoughtfully put together. I could even drive a car with my new braces on; heel, not toe, safely on the gas pedal. I have a new life here. I am not weak and stumbling behind my fear. This fear must be conquered. What a great way to begin the New Year.
Julie Newmar
Age: 50 Helios® orthosis - Los Angeles, Ca.